Residential Integration and Rehabilitation Program

Anago’s Genest Detention Centre for Youth and King Street Detention Centre provide custodial rehabilitative and integration services in a safe and therapeutic setting to young persons admitted through the youth justice system. These justice centres work in collaboration with a network of agencies and community partners to empower youth in building healthy lifestyles, positive relationships, and independence within a safe and therapeutic environment. Youth have access to medical services, mental health services, as well as an onsite school provided through the Thames Valley District School Board.

Anago’s highly qualified team delivers holistic, restorative, and culturally sensitive programming designed to assist youth in building healthy relationships, reconnecting with their families, and successful integration into their community. Youth are provided age appropriate therapeutic counselling, life skills training, role modelling, and other rehabilitative programs tailored to individual needs.

Youth are encouraged to utilize the opportunity to plan, create, and work towards personal goals that promote a positive and productive future. These goals include improved functioning, positive social behaviours, increased engagement with community supports, increased skills and abilities, and personal awareness and development. Anago’s ultimate goal is to teach youth how to make healthy and responsible decisions, so that they can permanently disengage from the justice system and be productive members in their communities.