Developmental Services provides accommodation, daily living and inclusion guided by The Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

Anago Developmental Services programs are designed to increase skills, abilities, opportunities and experiences of community based inclusion. With a social, emotional and behavioral focus, positive social behaviors help lead to self-confidence and enhanced individuality.

Community Accommodation Program

The Community Accommodation Program provides therapeutic care and supports for female youth and young adults who have a developmental diagnosis. The program includes a long-term maturational setting that provides community based placement opportunities for female youth and young adults. Service provision includes appropriate coping strategies and skill development training with capacity building. This process enables the participants to function effectively in the community and achieve success within their life.

Developmental/Medical Program

In the Developmental/Medical Program, adult persons with disabilities who are medically fragile can experience community inclusiveness. Opportunities are provided to experience quality in their lives and within their community. Importance is placed on fulfilling their personal interests and lifestyle. Through balancing requirements with interests, they have opportunities to participate in community events and activities.

Transitional Aged Youth/Supported Independent Living Program

Supported Independent Living, is designed for adult persons with disabilities and transitionally aged youth to live a more independent life. The program’s focus is to increase life skills and independence levels in the community. Supports are provided as they complete the Transition to Independence Assessment, and then gradually tailored to suit the person’s needs and progress. The program involves persons learning to form meaningful connections in the community and being valued community members.