Residential Intensive Treatment Program

Residential therapeutic programming for female youth between the ages of twelve and eighteen. Residents enter our program with highly complex needs. They have often experienced severe abuse, and may have concurrent mental health diagnoses. The highly experienced staff at Anago provide the youth with nurturing and empowering therapeutic care. Through collaborations with qualified community partners, Anago offers unique individualized programs upon which the youth can build healthy and happy futures.

Standardized comprehensive assessment tools and evidence informed clinical interventions are used to support youth success in five key protective factors and indicators of mental health:

  • Functional Status
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Family Life and Social Integration
  • Health and Well Being
  • Services and Supports

Direct Care Workers are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Counselling, Adolescent Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention (ASPIP), First Aid, Medication Administration, Crisis Intervention, Prevention and Management Aggressive Behaviour (PMAB), Safe Food Handling, WHMIS and Workplace Violence and Harassment.

The services and experiences offered to the youth at Anago are designed to teach each individuals how to create healthy independent lifestyles and build relationships by learning positive social and life skills. Residents learn how to evaluate their behaviour choices, and develop skills and traits that will lead to permanent internalized change.

Youth participate in daily programming with a pro-social community activity focus, including regular school attendance with educational programming provided through TVDSB at the on-site W.D. Sutton School, life skills development and volunteerism, social and relationship skills development, self-awareness strategies and how to apply these skills in their personal and community life to achieve a successful life experience.

Program completion and integration into communities of choice is the final stage of programming and begins at the onset of treatment. Individualized planning is designed for each resident, ensuring strong and appropriate supports are in place at all stages of transition. Partnerships are continued with a wide array of community services, housing supports and overall geographical areas across Ontario.

Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program is a new service at Anago with the objective that young people and vulnerable adults will receive the care they need, when they need it, in a way that is respectful of their life journey. We have learned that turning eighteen years old does not necessarily mean ready for adulthood. Our young people have voiced feeling increasingly at-risk as they transition into the adult mental health sector. There is a clear gap in the continuity of this transition from youth to adult, currently based solely on age, not developmental readiness. As a result, youth are facing critical obstacles, including homelessness, transient lifestyles and increased mental health concerns during this already demanding and difficult time in their lives.

The Transitional Housing Program will strive to address the gap in services for transitional aged youth, by bridging youth and adult sectors through enhanced, specialized navigation services.

This aftercare model of service is unique to London-Middlesex and will allow young people to reach their fullest potential, secure safe and stable permanent housing while receiving the support, guidance and connection they require as they enter one the most difficult and stressful transitions of their lives.